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Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
About Me

My journey began at ZS Associates , a global management consulting and technology firm, where I dedicated myself to apply analytics and strategic insights to drive meaningful impact in the MedTech sector.


Currently, I am pursuing a Full-Time MBA & MS Analytics at Texas A&M Mays Business School, focusing on enhancing my leadership and business strategy skills. I'm excited about the opportunity to apply what I learn to create significant impact across various industries, aiming to develop innovative solutions and drive substantial progress, especially in areas of digital transformation, sustainability and beyond.

Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
My Story

From an early age, I was deeply inspired by the transformative power of education and technology. This inspiration stemmed from my grandfather, an educationalist whose dedication to learning shaped my approach to challenges.


At ZS Associates , I harnessed analytics to redefine possibilities in the MedTech space, leading projects that melded data with client aspirations. Now as I pursue my

MBA, I'm channeling this legacy to explore new frontiers in business strategy, seeking to lead ventures that integrate sustainable practices with commercial success.


Volunteering has been a deeply rewarding part of my life, especially at Adarsh Womens Polytechnic, where I’ve helped empower women from marginalized socio-economic backgrounds towards self-reliance. By spearheading initiatives that ranged from enhancing course materials to organizing skill workshops, we've empowered over 1000 women with the skills needed for better job opportunities. Witnessing their journey towards independence and economic empowerment has been incredibly fulfilling.

Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
Blogging & Publications

I find joy in blogging about my experiences and lessons learned, particularly on Medium, where my articles help support and inspire my peers and the broader community, be sure to follow for regular updates! In addition to blogging, I also invest time in creating whitepapers and publications, like my piece on developing a Power Distribution Module for SAE Combustion Race Cars during my undergraduate studies

Dance & Music

I'm truly fascinated by the world of dance and music. Over the years, I've dabbled in playing the guitar, though I'm a bit rusty now and eager to improve. My dance journey has been particularly transformative, starting with free body dance which helped shed my personal inhibitions and later progressing to Bachata, where I've now reached an intermediate level. I'm also a big fan of pop and EDM, recently ticking off a bucket list item by attending an Ed Sheeran concert. Next up: Taylor Swift and Coldplay!

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Self Defense

Recognizing the need to stay strong and self-sufficient in an increasingly complex world, I dedicated 2022 to enhancing my physical and mental fortitude through reality-based self-defense training at Fitcomb. There I immersed myself in martial arts, learning the fundamentals of Karate and Krav Maga, along with critical techniques for handling dangerous situations involving knives or guns. This training was not just about physical skills; it was an enlightening experience that reinforced my readiness for real-world challenges. Although I've been a bit out of practice recently, I'm eager to resume my training soon.


Cooking is more than just a hobby for me; it's a cherished skill I've developed alongside my mother, who is not only a professional cook but also an incredible teacher. Over the years, I've honed my abilities in a variety of cuisines. I’m particularly proud of my North Indian dishes—my Rajma Rice is a must-try! I’ve also mastered an irresistible homemade Red Sauce Pasta from my mother’s secret recipe. Whether it’s Chinese, Thai, or Indonesian cuisine, guests at my table are always in for a treat. My joy of cooking is amplified when I see others relishing my creations. I believe cooking is an essential survival skill, and I'm eager to expand my culinary skills into baking, exploring the delicate art of cakes and pastries next.

Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
Hey There! I’m Kushagra Goyal
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Hosting Events

I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of hosting events, whether it's lively get-togethers at my place or managing group activities while traveling. I've always cherished the role of a warm host, creating memorable experiences that my friends often rave about. Over the years, I've organized everything from traditional Indian festivities like Diwali and Holi Parties to Birthday Celebrations and Professional Networking Events at ZS Associates. My events are all about fun and authenticity—I love settings where everyone can chat, open up, dance, and truly enjoy themselves. I'm quite meticulous about aesthetics too, always ensuring that every detail, from the furniture arrangement to the playlist, sets the perfect mood. Looking ahead, I'm eager to blend my love for hosting with new skills in bartending, so expect some exciting cocktails at my next party!

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