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May 2020 - Present

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Head of Administration

  • Directed streamlined operations and built robust relationships between faculty and 300+ students, enhancing the overall inclusivity and vibrancy of learning environment

  • Established 20+ industry alliances and crafted a robust vocational training framework, ensuring favorable job prospects for students

  • Organized 10+ guest lectures with industry experts, offering valuable career advice and encouraging self-reliance in students pursuing vocational studies

  • Revamped faculty management with 5+ structured documentation systems, fueling a motivated teaching staff committed to inspiring vocational excellence in students

Aug 2020 - Present

Head of Academics

  • Directed strategic academic planning and quality assurance measures, establishing a robust educational framework dedicated to excellence and continual institutional enhancement

  • Lead curriculum development for 6 industry-aligned vocational courses focused towards Fashion Designing, Beauty Culture, and Computers

  • Crafted an innovative Personality Development curriculum, enabling 400+ women to build resilience and autonomy in areas like finance, health, and digital literacy

  • Developed a holistic student support framework, providing a supportive atmosphere and tailored guidance to help students thrive academically and personally

  • Established a specialized library for vocational and life skills, providing students with essential wealth of relevant resources and promoting culture of continuous learning

May 2019 - Present

Board Trustee

  • Cultivated stakeholder collaboration among trustees, benefactors, and educators, creating a unified network committed to enhancing vocational education and student empowerment

  • Oversaw resource development to fortify the institution's ability to provide top-tier vocational education, ensuring students have access to advanced tools and facilities

  • Administered infrastructure improvements to provide an optimal vocational education space, from reliable utilities to green spaces, empowering 1000+ women from marginalized backgrounds towards self-reliance

Feb 2020 - Jan 2021

Google Ads Digital Marketing Manager

  • Executed end-to-end marketing strategy and execution with $10,000 USD Budget to boost literacy rates

  • Achieved remarkable growth within 30 days: Boosted digital reach and conversions by 630%, and CTR by 50%

  •  Employed Google Analytics and Google Ads Search to cut average cost per interaction by 78%

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