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Commercial Analytics

Drove comprehensive analytics enhancements to boost salesforce productivity for a $100M MedTech Client

ZS Associates

Company :

Jan 2023 - Apr 2024

Timeline :

Confidential (MedTech Cancer Diagnostic Client)

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Project Outcomes

Led offshore analytics team to boost salesforce effectiveness for $100M Cancer Diagnostic MedTech Client across 2 US Business Units. This collaboration was marked by several key accomplishments:

  • Salesforce Optimization: Directed Salesforce Targeting, Alignment, and Sizing for 140+ sales reps, targeting top 29,000 high-potential physicians and resulting in 500+ deliverables to elevate salesforce efficiency

  • Sales Operations Analysis: Executed comprehensive analyses on essential metrics such as Call Planning, Salesforce Alignment, Performance Reporting, and Prescriber Depth, through strategic use of ZS proprietary analytics tools, MS Excel, and ETL software. These data-driven insights were instrumental in refining sales strategies, boosting customer engagement, and maximizing revenue generation

  • Analytic Tools Suite: Developed a comprehensive set of custom analytics tools—Email Tools, Input Data Validation Tools, Incentive Compensation Calculators, Payouts Reporting Tools, and Performance Reporting— to streamline operations, enhance analytics, and provide valuable data-driven insights

Project Photos

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