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Drove a highly successful crowdfunding effort for Pravega Racing on the Wishberry platform, significantly surpassing the goal by effectively managing resources and engaging supporters

Pravega Racing

Company :

Jun 2019 - Jul 2019

Timeline :

VIT University, Vellore

Clientele :

Project Photos :

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Project Outcomes

As part of crowd funding project 'FundRace 3' on Wishberry platform aimed at raising 3,50,000₹ within 30 days, we exceeded expectations by raising 5,15,000₹. My key responsibilities throughout this successful venture included:

  • Finances and Resource Management: Strategically managing the financial aspects of the project, ensuring strategic allocation of resources to maximize fundraising potential and maintain effective budgeting

  • Communicating with Potential Investors: Actively engaging with potential investors and supporters, articulating the project's objectives, value proposition, and impact, thereby inspiring contributions and securing their valuable support

  • Design of Goodies: Created enticing and innovative merchandise (goodies) as incentives for backers, compelling them to participate and make contributions, thus enhancing the appeal and success of the crowd funding campaign

By executing these tasks with diligence and creativity, we achieved remarkable results, surpassing the funding target and gaining the necessary financial support to drive our project's success

Project Photos

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