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Knowledge Sharing

Spearheaded the creation and enhancement of global learning platforms and knowledge repositories for ZS MedTech, significantly elevating organizational knowledge and professional growth for over 200 professionals globally

ZS Associates

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Jan 2022 - Apr 2024

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MedTech People Initiatives Team

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Project Outcomes

Extensively involved with ZS MedTech leadership to organize and oversee the following knowledge-sharing initiatives:

  • Global Learning & Development Platform: Orchestrated the development of ZS Global MedTech Learning & Development portal on Degreed platform. This initiative equipped 200+ professionals worldwide with the insights needed to excel in their roles and significantly contribute to organizational success

  • Global Knowledge Repositories Enhancement: Orchestrated the overhaul of 3 key Knowledge Repositories, MyZS Atlas, MedTech Knowledge Management Ecosystem, and MedTech Central Teams SharePoint Repository. This enhancement empowered 250+ professionals globally, streamlining information access and fostering collaboration across diverse initiatives, significantly contributing to our collective success and strategic mission alignment

  • Monthly Newsletter: Meticulously curated and delivered 15+ monthly newsletters, serving as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all business updates, intriguing projects, MedTech industry trends, stories from our MedTech colleagues, weekend plans, and more

  • Expertise Mapping Initiative: Led an Expertise Mapping project for the MedTech India Team, identifying essential tech stacks and systematically mapping 100+ members' technical skills to practice solution areas, driving strategic staffing enhancements, tailored learning roadmaps, and elevated client outcomes

  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Established a continuous learning platform for employees to share expertise, best practices, and insights. These sessions encouraged cross-functional collaboration and enriched our collective knowledge, driving innovation and excellence organization-wide

Through these initiatives, we have created a robust framework for knowledge sharing and professional development, enhancing the collective expertise and fostering a culture of continuous growth and collaboration within ZS MedTech

Project Photos

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