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MedTech Omnichannel Capability Development

Led the creation of a Customer-centric engagement solution for MedTech, coordinating cross-functional teams to enhance MedTech customer engagement, estimated to drive $175M growth by 2030

ZS Associates

Company :

May 2022 - Dec 2022

Timeline :

Internal ZAIDYN Customer Engagement

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Project Outcomes

Led product development of MedTech Customer-Centric Engagement Solution, coordinating closely across finance, marketing, technology, design, and analytics teams, to drive an estimated ~$175M growth for MedTech by 2030. The project's key components included:

  • Insight/Suggestion Library Development: Led creation of an extensive Medical Technology sector focused library for 5 client segments across 7 use cases, covered crucial use cases such as Sales Performance Reporting, Call Planning, Contract Renewal, Inventory Management, Upsell/Cross-Sell/Churn, Patient Retention & Utilization. This library became an essential tool for data-informed decision-making, spurring innovation and equipping MedTech Clients to navigate complex challenges with strategic foresight

  • Commercialization Content Creation: Played a crucial role in developing ZAIDYN Field Insights Commercialization Content, using data and insights to craft materials that clearly articulated product value, enhanced marketing efforts, and supported MedTech product commercialization, driving market growth

  • Live Demos for Key Clients: In a client-centric approach, I collaborated with cross-functional teams to create 3 live demos of ZAIDYN CE for key MedTech clients, showcasing the platform's capabilities, customizability, and value in real-time. These live demonstrations effectively addressed client needs, generated enthusiasm, and solidified ZAIDYN CE as a cutting-edge solution, fostering stronger client relationships and driving business growth

Project Photos

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