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Orchestrated a series of impactful networking initiatives within ZS MedTech, strengthening global collaboration, enhancing professional development, and promoting work-life balance

ZS Associates

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Jul 2021 - Apr 2024

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MedTech People Initiatives Team

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Project Outcomes

Extensively involved with ZS MedTech leadership to organize and oversee the following networking initiatives:

  • Team Bonding Events: Organized 20+ impactful team-bonding events, which were instrumental in cultivating a collaborative and supportive work culture that strengthened team cohesion and enhanced productivity

  • Global Team Connects: Facilitated 7+ MedTech Global Quarterly Team Connects, bringing together 200+ professionals across borders to enhance cohesive collaboration, encourage knowledge exchange, and promote a shared organizational vision, setting a strong precedent for MedTech's ongoing success

  • Global Leadership Visits: Orchestrated 3 significant global leadership visits to India, ensuring impactful interactions and seamless experiences for visiting executives, thereby fostering international cooperation, strategic coherence, and affirming ZS's investment in its Indian operations as a pivotal center of excellence and innovation

  • Mentorship: Initiated a comprehensive mentorship program for 70+ professionals, connecting MedTech A&T personnel with experienced mentors, tailored to support their individual professional development goals. This program cultivated an environment of continuous learning and empowerment, enabling employees to realize their full potential

  • Work-life Balance Initiative: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, I championed a Work-Life Balance Initiative, aimed at harmonizing professional commitments with personal wellbeing for 100+ team members. This initiative significantly contributed to enhanced job satisfaction and boosted overall productivity within the team

These networking initiatives not only strengthened internal connections and knowledge sharing across the global MedTech team but also underscored a commitment to employee growth and wellbeing, encouraging a resilient and forward-thinking organizational culture

Project Photos

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