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Prosthetic Arm

Developed a cost-effective Prosthetic Arm using Arduino and EMG sensors, achieving intuitive user control and smooth functionality in a prototype design


Company :

Sep 2018 - Nov 2018

Timeline :

VIT University, Vellore

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Project Outcomes

Successfully developed a working prototype of an economical Prosthetic Arm, encompassing the following key components:

  • Hardware of Prosthetic Arm: Innovatively designed and implemented the hardware, incorporating a Control System to actuate the Artificial Hand, ensuring smooth and user-responsive movements

  • Arduino IDE Code: Developing and fine-tuning the Arduino IDE code to effectively interface with an EMG Sensor for servo actuation. The code was designed to interpret signals from the EMG Sensor and translate them into precise movements of the prosthetic hand, providing intuitive and responsive control for the user

Through a combination of innovative hardware design and well-optimized Arduino IDE code, we successfully created an economical Prosthetic Arm prototype that offered functional and user-friendly control

Project Photos

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