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Sales Strategy and Transformation

Orchestrated a transformative analytics-led sales strategy for a Fortune 500 MedTech client, targeting key accounts and upcoming contract expirations to maximize growth and minimize risks

ZS Associates

Company :

Jul 2023 - Sep 2023

Timeline :

Confidential (Fortune 500 MedTech Client)

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Project Outcomes

Led analytics for a sales strategy transformation project with a $70B MedTech Client, conducting in-depth analyses of 2600+ key accounts and upcoming contract expirations to highlight revenue opportunities and risk reduction, resulting in:

  •  Contract Strategy Overhaul: Refined strategies for $1.4B worth of contracts, revealing approximately $500M in growth opportunities by strategically assessing and quantifying the impact of nearing contract expirations for revenue amplification and risk reduction

  • Product Portfolio Optimization: Crafted archetype-based strategies to streamline product prioritization and delineate preferred contract renewal portfolios, in anticipation of significant agreement expirations

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis: Executed a detailed competitive sales analysis to sharpen sales tactics and contract renewal approaches, ensuring alignment with client objectives and fortifying competitive advantages

  • Strategic Account Targeting: Identified critical strong segments, focusing on 162 key accounts that represented significant revenue potential and risk, thereby optimizing resource allocation and strategic efforts towards accounts with the highest growth prospects

Project Photos

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