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UAVs for Disaster Identification and Alerting System

Developed an innovative forest fire alerting and mitigation system utilizing drones and wireless communication to improve emergency responses and forest fire detection capabilities

HackerTech 2019 | Makeathon

Company :

Nov 2019 - Dec 2019

Timeline :

VIT University, Vellore

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Project Outcomes

Designed and implemented a robust Forest Fire Detection and Mitigation System, comprising of the following components:

  • Alerting System: Leveraging wireless RF communication, the system transmitted critical data from various sensors (e.g., Flame Sensor, Gas Sensor, Temperature Sensor) located on Nodes to the Base Station. In case of any disruptions or anomalies detected, immediate warnings were issued to relevant authorities, enabling prompt actions for fire control

  • Disaster Mitigation System: Utilizing precise coordinates of fire outbreak locations, the system autonomously deployed drones equipped with WebCams. These drones provided real-time visuals of the extent of fire damage, enabling authorities to assess the situation accurately. Additionally, the drones incorporated advanced object detection techniques (using Digital Image Processing) to identify and locate individuals potentially trapped within the affected areas, facilitating swift rescue operations

By successfully implementing this Forest Fire Detection and Mitigation System, we contributed to enhanced safety measures and improved response times in mitigating forest fires, ensuring the protection of lives and valuable natural resources

Project Photos

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