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Work Experiences

Aug 2021 - Jul 2023

Decision Analytics Associate

  • Implemented execution of Incentive Compensation Reporting System for Fortune 500 client, delivering 1000+ IC Payout Reports across 6 Business Units in US, Canada & LATAM markets and earning ZS's coveted ‘Tangible Impact Recognition Award’ for reducing timelines by 50% and increasing efficiency by 70%

  • Headed product development of MedTech Customer Centric Engagement Solution by creating 3 live client demos and crafting suggestions library for 5 client segments across 7 use cases, driving ~$175M growth for MedTech by 2030

  • Conducted Salesforce Targeting, Alignment, and Sizing for 140+ sales reps, identifying top 29,000 high-potential physicians and resulting in 500+ deliverables to elevate salesforce effectiveness

  • Led offshore analytics team for sales strategy transformation project of $70B MedTech Client, strategically analyzing 2600+ key accounts and upcoming contract expirations to highlight revenue opportunities and risk reduction, leading to strategy refinement for $1.4B in contracts and uncovering ~$500M in growth potential

  • Oversaw IC Plan Design and Quota Setting for 10+ sales roles by integrating health checks and stakeholder interviews, producing 300+ deliverables and securing the prestigious ‘ZS Incentive Compensation Design Certification’

  • Facilitated series of people initiatives by coordinating 25+ team-bonding events, curating 15+ newsletters, organizing 3 Global Leadership Visits, and more, boosting engagement among 100+ MedTech India team members

  •  Piloted ‘Recognition’, ‘Work-Life Balance’, and ‘Mentor-Mentee’ Initiatives for 90+ team members, leading to 40% rise in employee satisfaction and 15% boost in retention ratest

Jul 2023 – May 2024

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Decision Analytics Associate Consultant

  • Led offshore commercial analytics team for $300M MedTech Client, enhancing sales performance across 4 US Business Units through strategic use of SQL, MS Excel, and ETL Software to analyse Definitive Healthcare datasets

  • Developed request for proposals (RFPs) by actively collaborating with business leaders, maintaining stakeholder engagement, and facilitating communication throughout business development process

  • Executed go-to-market strategy for $5B Eye Care MedTech Client, leveraging frontier analysis to uncover ~$200M in market opportunities and optimizing 120-member Canada Business Unit sales team to target 5,700 key physicians effectively

  • Managed 25-member cross-functional MedTech Team across 10+ diverse people initiatives, ranging from Global Team Connects to Recognition Programs, amplifying global engagement for 200+ professionals

  •  Directed development of 3 Global Knowledge Repositories and MedTech Global Learning & Development Platform on Degreed, empowering 350+ professionals globally

  • Implemented Expertise Mapping Initiative for MedTech India Team, identifying essential tech stacks and systematically mapping 100+ members' technical skills to practice solution areas, driving strategic staffing enhancements, tailored learning roadmaps, and elevated client outcomes

Feb 2021 - Jul 2021

Decision Analytics Associate Intern

  • Collaborated with a $10B MedTech Client on Sales Compensation Reporting, enhancing sales force motivation and operational effectiveness to achieve greater autonomy and efficiency

  • Created 6 comprehensive IC dashboards for the US, Canada, and LATAM regions, delivering insights that streamlined decision-making and improved operational efficiency, directly leading to enhanced client satisfaction

  • Crafted a suite of custom analytic tools—IC Calculators, Email Tools, Input Data Validation Tools, and Payout Reporting Tools— to elevate operational and analytical efficiency, ensuring seamless execution of the sales compensation program

Jan 2018 - Sep 2021

Location: Vellore Area, India · On-site

Program Representative, SELECT School, VIT University

  • Represented 350+ students in overcoming academic hurdles, driving improvements in school functionality for optimal learning outcomes

  •  Established strong working relationships with 50+ faculty members and led quality control meetings, creating an inclusive educational setting that encourages student engagement and growth

  • Developed a proactive communication channel between students and management, leading to the swift resolution of academic queries and development of policies that enriched the overall educational experience

Sep 2019 - Oct 2020

Team Manager and Statics Lead

  • Supervised cross-functional team of 40+ engineers across 7 departments, building Formula Student Race Car worth $45,000

  • Oversaw Statics Events, focusing on Engineering Design Report and Business Presentation Review, catalyzing a turnaround in the team's approach to traditionally weak segments through systematic skill-building and feedback sessions, ensuring a robust and internationally competitive team presence

  • Drove the team to outstanding achievements at Formula Student East and Germany, securing top-3 rank in Business Presentation Review and highest score ever by an Indian team in Engineering Design Event, marking a significant leap in our competitive and design prowess on global scale

  • Spearheaded team-wide initiatives, fostering a culture of mutual support and motivation, which fortified team unity and propelled collaborative construction of the race car

  • Orchestrated pivotal data management overhaul, crafting a cohesive Google Drive architecture for 8 departments, which became the keystone for our team's enhanced operational agility and collaborative breakthroughs

Sep 2019 - Oct 2020

Electrical Lead

  • Steered development of electrical package, introducing novel automotive electronics that led to 34% boost in efficiency, 25% lighter components, and 40% lower costs, significantly improving vehicle performance and reliability

  • Spearheaded transformation of documentation practices with Electrical Subsystems' Design Report and CBOM, establishing exemplary standards that drastically cut down project issues and enhanced system dependability

  • Led design and manufacturing process of high-quality Automotive Wiring Harness and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for various electrical systems, optimizing power distribution and communication throughout the vehicle while adhering to safety and reliability standards

  • Harnessed the capabilities of PE3 ECU technology for precision engine tuning, significantly boosting power output and achieving peak fuel and engine efficiency

Aug 2018 - Sep 2019

Management Team Member

  •  Strategically negotiated $9,000 in sponsorships and raised an additional $6,000 through fundraising events, providing critical financial support for the race-car's fabrication and team's success​

  • Crafted and presented a compelling Business Plan Presentation to potential investors at Formula Student Events, effectively communicating our team's vision, objectives, and strategies

  • As Social Media and Content Manager, I elevated our team's online engagement by dynamically managing Facebook, LinkedIn, and our website, amplifying our digital footprint and team achievements

  • Managed 10+ key team events, from annual race car unveilings to sponsorship gatherings, ensuring their seamless execution, effective coordination, and memorable impact on participants and sponsors

Jan 2018 - Sep 2019

Electrical and Electronics Engineer

  • Diagnosed and rectified automotive electrical and electronic system issues, enhancing vehicle performance and reliability, while meticulously documenting subsystems and conducting FMEA to mitigate potential risks effectively

  • Executed development of Automotive-Grade Wiring Harness and PCB for Main Power Distribution Module, enhancing overall vehicle performance by streamlining vehicle communication and optimizing power efficiency

  • Developed and integrated control systems for pneumatic gear shifting and telemetry, boosting vehicle dynamics and data acquisition, complemented by fine-tuning the engine with PE3 ECU technology for peak efficiency and power

  • Mentored 5+ team members on the electrical intricacies of Formula Student Vehicle, elevating the team's technical capabilities through targeted knowledge transfer and hands-on training

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