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Go-To-Market Sales Strategy

Revitalized the Canada sales team of a $5B Eye Care MedTech Client by implementing strategic customer segmentation and team expansion

ZS Associates

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Nov 2023 - Feb 2024

Timeline :

Confidential (MedTech Eye Care Client)

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Project Outcomes

Led analytics for a go-to-market strategy execution project of a $5B Eye Care MedTech Client, revitalizing the 23-member Canada Business Unit sales team with a series of strategic initiatives that yielded substantial results:

  • Customer Account Segmentation: Employed frontier analysis to assess and categorize 5700+ customer accounts, uncovering a market potential of $340M. This data-driven segmentation informed a strategic sales realignment, spotlighting untapped growth avenues

  • Team Expansion Recommendation: Advocated for the addition of 3 FTEs, stemming from a thorough opportunity sizing exercise, to enhance coverage for key accounts. This strategic expansion was projected to generate an additional $2.5M - $3.5M in revenue nationwide

  • Account Prioritization: Recommended deprioritizing around 500 lower-value accounts in favor of focusing on roughly 890 accounts with higher value and growth potential, thus sharpening sales focus and improving overall efficiency

  • Engagement Strategy Optimization: Facilitated a strategic shift in customer engagement, recommending an increased call frequency for Tier 3 customers from 4.8 to 6 calls/year, aimed at bolstering relationships with high-potential competitive accounts and stimulating growth

  • Sales Structure Insights: Implemented a detailed immersion and interview process with leadership and sales teams, gaining insights into current sales structures and operational challenges, leading to targeted strategies for efficiency and growth enhancement

Project Photos

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