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Cultivated a culture of appreciation and motivation at ZS MedTech through innovative recognition programs, enhancing team morale and workforce engagement globally

ZS Associates

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Mar 2022 - Aug 2023

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MedTech People Initiatives Team

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Project Outcomes

Extensively involved with ZS MedTech leadership to organize and oversee the following recognition initiatives:

  • Gratitude Notebook: Orchestrated the creation of a Gratitude Notebook for the Global MedTech Team, encouraging team members to express their appreciation and support for one another, promoting a culture of gratitude and camaraderie that strengthened team bonds and morale of 250+ folks globally

  • Recognition Programs: Successfully implemented 5+ recognition initiatives, celebrating team members' achievements through thoughtful gifts, certificates, and commendations from leadership. These programs nurtured an environment of acknowledgment and motivation, elevating workforce engagement and inspiration

These recognition endeavors not only celebrated individual and team achievements but also bolstered a culture of appreciation within ZS MedTech Team, contributing to increased job satisfaction and a motivated, achievement-oriented workforce

Project Photos

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